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"The most brilliant comic book that most fans don't even know exists!"
--Tony Isabella, CBG

Read a whole review of Patty Cake by Tony Isabella.

"Roberts' cartooning is delightful... it captures the naive playfulness and harmless intensity of a child's perspective."
--Tom Palmer, Wizard

WOW! "Patty Cake has fast become one of my favorite comics these days. Take li'l Jinx and give her some attitude, maybe infuse Calvin & Hobbes with a bit more of an edge, combine Ren & Stimpy with Peanuts, and you have somewhat of an idea what this book has in store."
--J.Torres, Indy Magazine


PATTY-CAKE celebrates her tenth anniversary in print this year! Yep, 1995 saw the first humble appearance of the book that would delight and bewilder literally bunches of readers for a decade to come! The comics biz has changed a lot in that time, many titles have come and gone, and some thought Patty-Cake would never last. Well, we told you she was tougher than she looks! What? We didn't? Well, she is, so there. Anyway, ten years is not to be sneezed at. Where has the time gone? No, really, where?

Scott is now the colorist for PRINCE VALIANT, so check your Sunday papers to see if they carry it!

The first paperback collection of the RUGRATS comic strip is out, and it's all Scott's pencils, plus many of his gags. Look for IT'S A JUNGLE GYM OUT THERE, published by the fine folks at Andrews & McMeel. Check your local Barnes & Noble or Borders under Humor. As soon as you're off-line! Go on!!

A PATTY-CAKE CHRISTMAS The full length, trade paperback edition of A PATTY-CAKE CHRISTMAS is still available, for $6.95

Look for Scott's comic-serial 'CLICK TRACK' in COMIC LIBRARY INTERNATIONAL. It tells the saga of America's most washed-up action hero, Click Track, and his spunky stunt-woman companion Billie Boyd. Walk the thin line between Hollywood and reality.

For info, contact publisher George Broderick at

You can e-mail Scott at: . He's awaiting your comments with bated breath. Who knows, you might even hear back from him. Huzzah!

Scott's work is included in the compilations:
Certified Cool and Comics Are Dead
Get 'em while they're HOT!

(or sort of luke-warm, anyway)

Here's a never-before-published, full color strip! This was an early proposal to NICKELODEON magazine, before I was sure about the look I wanted for the color strips. Editor Chriss Duffy really liked the gag, though!

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