Patty Cake

Patty-Cake Art
for Sale!

Original Pages from Patty-Cake Comics are Available.
Here's the Skinny:
Interior Pages - 8" x 12" - on 2-ply Bristol
$50 per page
25% off if you buy a full story of 5 pages or more.

Permanent Press & Tapestry
Black & White Art + Hand-Colored Photocopies
Sold Together - $150 per
SLG covers not currently for sale.

Contact: Scott Roberts
PO Box 546
Monsey, NY 10952

Already Sold

Cover - Permanent Press Issue #2

"Traveling the Information Superhighway"
Permanent Press Issue #2, Page 13

"Fun, Gags, Novelties"
Permanent Press Issue #2, Inside Back Cover

"Dog" (story), Tapestry Issue #1, Pages 12-16

"Thursday", SLG Special No.1, Page 31

Other sales will ber posted as they occur.
Checks payable to: Scott Roberts

Patty-Cake T-Shirts can also be made from any cover art. Shirts are full-color, individually printed
and cost $25.00 each.
Specify size. (White t-shirts only)

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