Patty Cast

There are lots of characters in Patty-Cake
-- It probably wouldn't be an exagerration to say
there's a whole mess of 'em.
Here's some of the key personnel:

Patty Patricia "Patty-Cake" Bakerman
Our STAR. She's all kid, but she's not shy. She speaks her mind, even if she doesn't know what she's talking about. A vivid imagination and a lust for life.

Irving "Unnerving" Irving Kittleman
Patty's tag along companion. Naïve and trusting, but not really stupid. Reactionary and over-emotional. He has a little cow that you pull, and it goes "moo".

José José DuPois
The "older boy" in Patty's life. Sullen and moody, loves to tease -- but he'd stand up for her in a minute! -- well, maybe two minutes.

Daddy Phillip Bakerman
Patty's Dad, a high school shop teacher. Big and loud and blows his top easily -- but he's a softy. He loves her so much his heart could just break if only she didn't make him crazy.

Mom Kathy Bakerman
Patty's Mom. The former Trientje Tromp of Holland, she came to the U.S. as a high school exchange student, where she met a big lug named Phil Bakerman. The rest is history.

Sandy Alexandra "Sandy" Bakerman
Patty's sister. Born in Holland, dragged here under protest at age 6. Kicked out of private school for her practical jokes, she now competes once more with sis for supremacy.

Keith Keith Kittleman
Irving's brother. Every neighborhood has at least one kid who's the official nosy- loudmouth- knowitall. Keith has the position sewn up.

Susie Susie McBee
Patty's nemesis. They hate each other, though neither knows why. Must be the other's fault. She's not really a bad kid, she's just a pain in the butt.

Birdy! Birdy
Age:He's a cartoon, Get real.
Patty's favorite cartoon character. Created by veteran animator, Craig Clementz, he first appeared in the cartoon short "The Red, Red Robin".

The Weasels The Weasels
Patty's favorite singing group. Hits incude "Shut-Up" and "Baby I Like Your Face". They're not just a fad, they annoy your dad!

Phoebe Deen Phoebe Deen
Wants nothing more than to be Patty's friend, but she's from a different world -- Well, not literally -- but you know how kids are when you don't "fit in".

Longo Kevin Longo
A bully. Just plain mean. His weapon of choice, the real hard punch in the gut -- proceeded by mental games. What a louse.

Janine-Jean Jade Janine-Jean Jade
Patty's baby-sitter, Susie's too. A budding singer and musician. Buy her tape and help her get out of playing local dives.

Mr. Cuddles T.H.Cuddles
A neighbor. He's vice-principal at the high school, and a strong advocate of keeping those lousy, stinking leaves raked.

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